MULTI-PERFORMANCE Hydrating body cream 200ml

MULTI-PERFORMANCE Hydrating body cream 200ml

The combination of Hidroxiceramide, Hyaluronic Acid, and fatty acids immediately restores comfort to dry skin and helps fight skin aging. It has a regenerative effect, film forming, repairs and provides the necessary intake of vitamins. It has emollient and non-greasy texture.

How to use

Apply to clean skin in the morning and evening, focusing on very dry areas of the body.

Composition & Benefits

Borago oil and Hidroxiceramide increase cohesion between skin surface cells (corneocytes), thus contributing to the regeneration of skin lipid barrier and regulating transepidermic water loss. High quantity of Hidroxiceramide helps to diminish the accelerated desquamation of the skin.

Hyaluronic Acid improves water retention in the skin’s depth. Hyaluronic Acid provides control of transfer of proteins, enzymes and hormones transfer between the cells.

Shea butter (Karite Butter) extracted from the shea tree nuts (Shea), rich in phytosterols and essential vitamins (A, E, C), has strong anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and restructuring qualities.

Herculane Thermal Water, thanks to its rich in minerals and essential trace elements soothes sensitive skin, promotes healing, moisturizes and decongest. Parabens free.