Anti-Wrinkle and Anti-Dark Circle Eye Contour cream sensitive skin 15ml

Anti-Wrinkle and Anti-Dark Circle Eye Contour cream sensitive skin 15ml

Anti-Wrinkle and eye contour concealer, significantly reduces the number and the depth of wrinkles around the eyes by Botox-like effect, inhibiting muscle contraction. Acts effectively on dark circles and pufinness.

It is proposing a genuine restructuring, regenerative and anti-oxidant program for the skin, preventing and reducing superficial (expression) and deep wrinkles.

How to use

Apply morning and evening on the eye contour, preferably continue the routine with Anti-wrinkle cream over the entire face.

Composition & Benefits

Viniferol® is a complex obtained from viniferine and resveratrol, extracted from grape-vine stems of Bordeaux, one of the most effective anti-wrinkle and anti-aging agents. Viniferol deeply restructures and regenerates the skin. Stimulates anti-aging genes and cellular regeneration. Viniferol® activates cell receptors sensitive to retinol, vitamin A derivate with essential role in maintaining youthful skin. Inhibits muscle contraction of the skin, having a Botox-like effect, reducing expression wrinkles and gradually, the profound ones.

Aldavine™ is a marine algae extract rich in galactans and fucans. Protects dermis matrix integrity, prevents fluid leakage, angiogenesis and vasodilation and thus reduces dark circles and puffiness of the eye.

Karite butter (Butirospermum parkii) and sweet almond oil helps skin health, providing vitamins and essential fatty acids that increase the suppleness of cell layers.

Alpha-bisabol is a well-known anti-inflammatory ingredient, obtained from Vanilomopsis Eritropapa, an Amazonian tree.

Herculane Thermal Water calms skin irritation by its soothing and anti-irritant properties.