Herculane Thermal Water 300ml

Herculane Thermal Water 300ml

Decongests and soothes sensitive skin.
It is beneficial for all skin types, its properties were demonstrated for all degrees of skin sensitivity from the sensitive, intolerant or allergic to the.
Herculane Thermal Water comes from a thermal saline spring. The richness of the composition and purity of this water is due to the fact that Herculane thermal water springs from a depth of 2000m, in an environment free from any urban and industrial pollution, with a high level of air purity, similar to altitudes of 3000m.

How to use

Spray a thin layer on the skin. Leave on a few minutes, then dab gently.

Composition & Benefits

Rich in minerals and trace elements essential for the skin (Fe, Cu, Zn, Ca, Al, Mg) with an average mineralization (2500mg / l), it has strong moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, healing and anti-free radicals effects. Minerals and trace elements are important in activating and maintaining enzymatic balance and improving cellular metabolism.
Highly appreciated by dermatologists for its calming anti-rash properties on sensitive skin, Herculane Thermal Water promotes healing and protects against aging. It is recommended to use it daily, in any season, both by women, men or children.


  • Sensitive skin, aging skin
  • Solar erythema
  • Allergic reactions
  • Acne, eczema, pruritus, hot or cold hives
  • Inflammatory dermatoses
  • After waxing, after make-up removal, after shaving
  • Nappy rush