Over 10 years Herculane Thermal Water is used by Ivatherm in dermatology and dermatocosmetics for treating and calming sensitive, allergic, intolerant skin.

Herculane is Europe’s oldest spa resort.

Legend says that Hercules fought the Hydra in Herculane. Hercules and his Argonauts, in search of the Golden Fleece, reached the Danube Boilers. Because they could not cross the boilers by ship they tried to find another way, climbing up the Cerna Valley.

During the time of the Roman civilization, the Cerna Valley resort was a major draw for Ancient Rome’s aristocracy. Attracted by the extraordinary healing powers of the sacred water in this Valley, the Romans arrived in Dacia developed a type of spa cult named after Hercules.

In the Nineteenth Century Austrians contributed to the construction of the resort as it looks today. The resort was visited by great personalities: in 1852, the Austrian Emperor considered Herculane "the most beautiful resort on the continent,“ and Empress Elisabeth of Austria, known as Sissi, wrote in her personal journal that the Herculane Baths are “a distinct and charming presence”.

The composition of each hot spring water is different, with springs that have either a higher or lower level of mineralization.

Herculane Thermal Spring water in Ivatherm products comes from a thermal saline spring, and has average mineralization (2500 mg/l), ideal for cosmetics use.
Because it originates at great depth, it is bacteriologically pure, free from any urban or industrial pollutants, and contains Ca, Cu, Zn, Fe, Mn, Mg, Se, all elements that are essential for the skin’s health.

Mineral and trace elements in Herculane Thermal Water have the following effects on the skin:

  • Calcium, Copper and Magnesium have anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic action
  • Potassium, Sodium and Chlorine have a moisturizing role
  • Manganese and Selenium protect against oxidative stress
  • Zinc and Iron have a healing role

Herculane thermal water is used in dermatology for multiple indications:

Its properties have been demonstrated for all levels of skin sensitivity, from sensitive, to intolerant or allergic. The calming, decongestant effect is immediate.

Daily care:

  • Calms and hydrates dry, dehydrated skin
  • Skin irritation
  • Fixing makeup
  • Calms the skin after shaving
  • Smoothing of the redness after epilation
  • Calming skin pruritus of atopy-prone skin
  • Diaper irritation
  • Aesthetic and surgical procedures

Directions for use
Spray a fine coat on the skin. Allow it to act for a few minutes, then it can be easily buffered.


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