About Ivatherm

Dermocosmetics made in France with
Herculane Thermal Water

The founder

15 years ago, I founded Ivatherm, dedicated to sensitive skin. We are a pharmacy born brand recommended by dermatologists.

I grow up surrounded by medical professionals. My father was a doctor and my mother is a pharmacist. I followed their path and studied medicine in Bucharest, then economics in Paris and I received a PHD in medical science. For many years I worked in marketing and sales in big pharmaceutical groups in Romania and France.

In my work I was aware of the growth in skin conditions. Up to 50% of us suffer from allergies and sensitive skin due to pollution, poor diet and stress. The emotional impact is huge. I wanted to find a way to improve these conditions using the best of nature and science by creating safe, effective, innovative products recommended by doctors, but easily accessible to consumers.

“There is an increase need for safe and effective products that calms and sooths the skin”

The Brand Concept

The Brand

My meeting with Alain Fructus, the brilliant French cosmetologist, former president of the French Cosmetic Association, gave birth to the key concept of the Ivatherm brand: the marriage of tradition and innovation, in the form of Herculane Thermal Spring Water and the latest active skin care ingredients.

The expertise of Alain, was fundamental in creating the ingredient combinations and textures that would heal or improve specific skin conditions from acne to rosacea or atopy, and also in creating anti-aging ranges for sensitive skin. Created with French scientific expertise, we are a Made in France brand.

We chose France, the country with the highest expertise in the cosmetic industry. Our products are a fine combination between innovative active ingredients like prebiotics in microbiome friendly products for intolerant skin, Aquaphylines for hydration, Sytenol for acne, Plant Stem cells AND old, proven, effective ingredients like hyaluronic acid, cupuacu butter, resveratrol, peptides and so on.

International Presence

Ivatherm is one of the first 5 players on the local – dermo cosmetic market and has an international presence in 15 countries.

Building the brand was not an easy journey. Even though, today, we have 10% MS in Romania, we had a hard time at the beginning. We compete in pharmacies with all the big giant corporations. It was a brave step, but we have proved our mettle. We are within the top players on the local market and distributed through pharmacies over 15 countries. Following the same strategy, we are confident in achieving the same results everywhere.

We focus every day on innovation, bringing cutting edge ingredients in cosmetology and the best combinations for improving the skin conditions and make people’s life better. We work to provide more value to costumers, competition, prosperity and jobs.

Our Headquarters Team

Rucsandra Hurezeanu

Founder & CEO

Brandusa Popescu

Executive Manager

Diana Grajdan

National Sales &
Marketing Manager

Catalina Georgescu

Marketing Manager

Andreea Bucovineanu

PR Specialist

Dan Captaru

Medical Manager

Doru Dinu

Capability Manager

Dan Popa

Supply Chain Manager

Cristina Tanase

Production Coordinator

Raluca Moisi

Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Mihaela Bularca

Marketing & Sales Manager Middle East

Elena Maurer

International Sales &
Marketing Director, Asia Pacific

Luana Popescu

International Product Manager

Laura Banu

Economic Manager

Ramona Teleaga

Data Analyst


Rucsandra Hurezeanu received recently several distinctions and awards

Entrepreneur of the Year Award offered by Annual Investments Award in 2011, Champion in Business Award offered by Enterprise Investors, BCR and ZF in 2012, Award for Innovation in Business by Forbes Magazine in 2013, Romanian Brand Award, Inspiring Woman of the Year 2016 offered by the Woman Association, Most Admired Business Woman on the cover magazine Unica in 2017, Award for Business Internationalization offered by Elite Business Woman Association in 2018, Made in Romania for entering in the league of 15 unique companies for the growth of the Romanian economy in 2017, Award for Business Internationalization in 2018, Business Magazin, Award Top 100 Most Powerful Romanian Woman in 2018.

Today she serves as the Vice-President of the Cosmetics Industry Employers Organization in Romania.


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