“I created Ivatherm because I was convinced that it is possible to formulate safe and modern products that can successfully treat skin problems. Our essential concern is the creation of innovative formulations that meet the needs of today’s women. Our primary goal is the reconciliation of progress with the authenticity of nature.”

Dr. Rucsandra Hurezeanu, Founder and CEO of Ivatherm.

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We are a dermocosmetic company

Our aspiration is to empower people to choose a healthy skincare.

Our products are created for the needs of the sensitive skin and for the skin with
medical conditions.

The idea that first inspired us to build Ivatherm was based around Romanian Thermal Water, combining the best of what Europe has to offer – innovative French cosmetic expertise, minimalist British design and elegant Italian packaging.

Our uniqueness Herculane Thermal Water

Thermal water Ivatherm

Herculane Thermal Spring Water has a history of 2000 years, being first discovered
and used by the romans.

Coming from a great depth, our thermal water has an unique mineral composition and has proven therapeutic effect.

All our products are made with Herculane Thermal Water and have anti-inflammatory and soothing effects on the skin.

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We balance Innovation with Efficiency, to create products that treat sensitive skin and other skin conditions like acne, redness and squams, rosacea, dryness and atopia.

Our products are:

• Efficient and safe
• Made with carefully selected ingredients
• Tested according to EU standards;

Our products are designed and made in France

Formulated with the latest innovative ingredients and biotechnology results.

Ivatherm products are marketed and promoted towards dermatologists and pharmacists, and sold in pharmacies and drug stores.

Take care of your skin

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