1. Uniqueness

All Ivatherm products contain  Herculane Thermal Water, a legendary water, named after the mythological Hercules, the patron of thermal waters, symbol of power and balance between physical and spiritual strength. Unique in structure and properties, Herculane Thermal Water protects skin cells and gives all products soothing, anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory qualities, clinically proven for all degrees of sensitivity of the skin.

2. Innovation

Ivatherm products are designed and manufactured in France, in collaboration with French experts in dermo-cosmetic, combining the unique properties of Herculane Thermal Water with original formulas and innovative active ingredients and biotechnologies, using the latest scientific trends in cosmetology. Ivatherm products provide complete corrective solutions for each type of skin, helping to find sustainable functioning of original and physiological balance.

Herculane Thermal Water is retreived from a protected natural area free from any urban and industrial pollution, with a Mediterranean climate (Domogled – Cerna Valley), with a purity and beauty that rivals the most famous national parks in the world, where the air is highly ionized.

3. Efficacy

The 18 patented ingredients integrated in the original formulas  of the hygiene and skincare ranges, offer increased efficacy to the products, proven in clinical studies in prestigious research laboratories. Their effectiveness is confirmed in more than 10 years since Ivatherm meet the requirements of the dermatologists from Romania and other partner countries, as well as the needs of thousands of people of all ages who take care of their skin with Ivatherm products.

4. Safety and tolerance

Conclusions of clinical trials conducted for the unique active ingredient of Ivatherm products –  Herculane Thermal Water, recommend it for the treatment of dermatologic disorders including: sensitive skin, atopy, eczema, acne, hives, pruritus (itching), rash, inflammatory dermatosis, from the most sensitive skin type to the most intolerant or allergic one.

Products contain with predilection ingredients of natural origin that meet European standards in the field with a high level of safety and tolerance which passed the test of time and was proven in dermatological tests. Ivatherm products are “Made in France” as a guarantee that the production cycle is rigorously controlled to provide high quality products. The formulas are hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic.