CICADERM repairing cream 40ml

CICADERM repairing cream 40ml

A repairing cream based on Mimosa tenuiflora (“skin tree”), Herculane thermal water and vitamin E which helps rapid healing of skin lesions and reduce the risk of forming scars. Applied immediately on the lesion, stops bleeding, reduces inflammation and helps rebuild skin integrity. Creates favorable conditions for aesthetic cicatrization of small wound, abrasions, burns, lesions of chickenpox and acne scars, postlaser and microsurgery procedures, after epilation.

How to use

Apply 2 times daily or as needed on problematic areas.

Composition & Benefits

Mimosa Tenuiflora extract, known as “skin tree” is a natural healing and calming ingredient. Repair the epidermis with significant stimulating effect of cell regeneration. Due to the bioflavonoids provide peripheral microcirculation improvement and anti free-radicals effect. It has a strong bacteriostatic action.
Mimosa Tenuiflora is an ingredient whose story begins in Mexico. The Mayas were using Mimosa Tenuiflora which they considered having “magical effect” for healing wounds. Two dramatic episodes in Mexico (an earthquake and a fire) brought back into focus the tree. The Red Cross has decided to use to rescue victims, and the results were astounding: analgesic, healing and pigmentation effects. Since then Tenuiflora Mimosa has been studied, researched and included in dermatological and cosmetic preparations for his extraordinary regenerative properties.

Herculane Thermal Water diminishes the rash and promotes healing of damaged skin. Due to anti-inflammatory properties is indicated for people with sensitive skin, reactive.

Fluid texture, non-greasy and non-occlusive, which is easily absorbed. Bottle fitted with a cannula for very precise application.